SP Energy Networks - How can we facilitate this sector to help it flourish?


SP Energy Networks passionate about Community Energy and is keen to make sure it is doing all it can. 

The workshop being held in partnerhsip with ourselves (Community Energy England), Community Energy Scotland and Community Energy Wales on 26 February is your opportunity to let us know if we're on the right track!

We’d love if you could join the event to tell us what you think of our draft proposals for facilitating Community Energy between 2023-2028.

We know that the role of individuals and their local communities needs to change substantially to realise the benefits of Net Zero and make sure they're accessible to all. Britain’s electricity networks also need to continue serving the changing needs of GB in the most cost-effective way for all of us as electricity bill payers.

SP Energy Networks partnered with ourselves, Community Energy Scotland and Community Energy Wales to help us establish a draft Community Energy Strategy and associated draft delivery proposals for us as an electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO) over the next five years.