Community Energy Fortnight Calendar now live!


There's already a wide range of events and activities taking place during the Fortnight and we hope that more organisations will confirm their activity in the coming weeks. Please tell us about any ways you plan to get involved and get connected with Community Energy Fortnight. 

If you're intrigued to find out what other events are running, the CEF 2023 activity calendar is now available to view here. We also list all confirmed events in our dedicated weekly Community Energy Fortnight newsletter. For the first time we are using our roaming layer on the national map to show the locations of all events taking place this Community Energy Fortnight. Please submit your events here and we will make sure your events are visible for everyone to see!

Events coming up in CEF 2023

We're pleased to see that a number of organisations have organised open days for Community Energy Fortnight, including Westmill Wind Farm and Solar Park, which is taking place on the first day of CEF - 10 June. We've also got open days organised by Saddleworth Hydo on 10 June and Stockport Hydro on the 11 June.

It's great to see our members partnering with other community organisations and a great example of this is the Eco Fest in Accrington on 17 June. The festival is a free family friendly event promoting all things environmentally friendly and PROSPECTS Community Energy will be at the event showcasing their plans for a new solar meadow - expected to be the largest community owned energy scheme in Lancashire. 

We're also delighted to see that Bristol Energy Network's annual Energy Transition conference is back at the end of Community Energy Fortnight, on 24 June, with a brand new theme of ''unleashing community energy''. You will remember that last year we co-hosted the Energy Transition conference in Bristol and it was a fantastic turn out. This year there will be a chance to see the new community-owned wind turbine in nearby Lawrence Weston so this is an in-person event not to miss!

Great Big Green Week - 10-18 June

The first week, 10-18 June, coincides with the Climate Coalition's 'Great Big Green Week'. Many of you did great public events in the lead up to COP26 in 2021. It focusses on showing politicians what great work is happening locally and urging them to get the government to step up with better delivery on climate goals, including supporting local climate action and community energy. Please consider doing a public event (a discussion, workshop, guided tour) or having a presence at one that's already happening, inviting your MP to attend and lobbying them for more support for community energy. Visit the GBGW website for brilliant resources and to register your event.

CEE events coming soon!

CEE will also be co-hosting a number of online events throughout the fortnight and we will announce details of these events very soon. We will also be announcing details of this year's summer conference, which will take place in September - more on this coming soon. 

If you have any questions about CEF please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.