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Blog written by Amelia Crews from Younity 

As you navigate the complexities of starting a community energy group, hear from Younity on how to equip yourselves with skilled volunteers ready to lend a hand. 


At Younity, we’re lucky enough to interact with groups pioneering the community energy movement every day! We exist to support the sector as best we can and are committed to exploring the main challenges groups face and tasking ourselves with amplifying, or creating, a solution. (Hear about our current solutions on our principal supporter page here!) 

Today, our focus is on the main challenge groups face – time and capacity. But what does this mean? 

Earlier in the year, we conducted interviews and focus groups across the UK and found that recruitment and management of volunteers is a clear barrier in unlocking time and capacity! However, as 70% of groups are led by volunteers, it’s a catch-22 as people want to focus on creating impact, not on squirrelling away hours sifting through CVs. 

In this research, groups communicated they need skills in: 

  • Engineering 
  • Business development 
  • Financial planning 
  • Legal advice 
  • Marketing/Event planning 
  • (& more!) 

Good news is there are plenty of experienced professionals who are actively searching for opportunities to channel their skills into action. They are genuinely dedicated in supporting a people powered energy revolution. So, how can you access their skills? 

Answer - with Community Energy Connect!! We’ve launched a free volunteering platform matching these skilled individuals to community energy groups. Here’s what it has to offer:

  • Seamlessly search for skilled individuals 
  • Post volunteering opportunities 
  • Upskill your volunteers with our courses section (we’re currently developing new topics) 
  • Connect with individuals local to you who want to start a group of their own!

It’s simple to use – just sign up, turn your notifications on and search for volunteers or post an opportunity! Find out more in this video

Hear from Reysha, a volunteer who found a Finance Director role via Connect!

Find a Volunteer & Sign Up Here! 

Before we go, if you’re looking to sell your energy via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), or are searching for project finance, drop us a message at

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