Younity launched in 2021, with support from Octopus Energy and Midcounties Co-operative. Younity is here to help you change the way the world produces and consumes power, one community energy project at a time.

Younity believes that together we can put community energy at the heart of sustainable power. Younity will play its part by connecting community energy groups, inspiring them with ideas and knowledge.

Younity will concentrate on breaking down some of the barriers that prevent community energy projects from coming on-stream, whilst inspiring people from all walks of life to become a part of the community energy movement, enabling them to make a direct impact in tackling climate change and building a more sustainable future. 

Previously called Co-op Community Energy, Younity is already the largest community energy buyer in the UK, having formed partnerships with 100 community generators. The renewable energy from these partnerships powers Your Co-op Energy’s Community Power tariff – the only tariff in the UK that comes solely from the electricity generated by community power projects. The energy generated from these projects has more than doubled in the last six months and is now sufficient to power around 45,000 homes, with the joint venture focused on continuing to grow and support more projects in the future.