Community Energy Awards 2018



The 2018 Community Energy Awards will take place at the Level 1 Galleries in The Arnolfini, Bristol on the evening of 19 October as part of Green Great Britain Week. The awards ceremony follows on from a conference, The Energy Transition: Top Down v Grassroots hosted with Bristol City Council and Bristol Energy Network.

We invite the community energy sector to a drinks reception and celebration at one of Bristol's most inspiring venues.

Nominations have now closed for all awards but you can vote for the winner of the Photo Award here.

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Bristol City Council and Co-op Energy are headline sponsors of the 2018 Community Energy Awards. Further sponsorship opportunities are available. 

Who are the keynote speakers?

Molly Scott Cato - Green Party MEP for the South West

Tim Lord - Director of Clean Growth, BEIS

Robin Webster - Climate Change Engagement Strategist, Climate Outreach

What are the award categories and shortlists?

Community Renewable Energy Project Award
The most outstanding renewable electricity generation project undertaken by a community group. (Sponsored by Co-op Energy)

  • The Schools’ Energy Cooperative Ltd
  • YnNi Teg

Community Energy & Carbon Saving Award
The community group which has undertaken the most inspiring energy conservation and/or management project

  • C.H.E.E.S.E. Domestic energy loss surveys
  • Exeter Community Energy - Healthy Homes for Wellbeing
  • Plymouth Energy Community’s Energy Team
  • Springbok Sustainable Wood Heat

Local Authority Award
The Local Authority which has done most to help local community energy organisations through partnering, investing, policy or other support

  • Greater London Authority
  • Suffolk Climate Change Partnership
  • The London Borough of Ealing

Collaboration Award
The most commendable collaboration between community and commercial / public / third sector partners (Sponsored by Power To Change)

  • Community Power Cornwall - Acquisition of West Country Renewables
  • Energise Barnsley
  • Energy4All

Community Energy Finance Award
The community group and/or its funders and advisers, which have achieved the most impact through a range of financial instruments/mechanisms, through grant funding, debt finance, community shares, funding platforms or new funding models

  • Communities for Renewables CIC
  • Community Owned Renewable Energy Partners
  • Mean Moor Wind Farm
  • The Thrive Community Energy Funding Bridge
  • Social and Sustainable Capital’s Renewable Energy Portfolio and Strategy

Community Energy Champion
The individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the community energy sector over recent years. We do not share the shortlist but will announce the champion on the night. 

Community Energy Young Champion (Sponsored by GENeco)
A new award for 2018 celebrating the increasing amount of creative, organised and motivated young people getting involved in community energy. We do not share the shortlist but will announce the young champion on the night. 

Community Energy Photo Award
The original photo which best captures the essence of the community energy movement. You can vote for the winner of the Photo Award here.

Judging Panel

The judging panel is as follows:

  • Patrick Allcorn - Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Sonya Bedford - Stephens Scown (2017 Comunity Energy Champion)
  • Jon Halle - Sharenergy (2016 Community Energy Champion)
  • Mark Billsborough - Co-op Energy
  • Shea Buckland-Jones - Institute of Welsh Affairs
  • Léonie Greene - Solar Trade Association
  • Will Walker - Power to Change
  • Philip Wolfe - WolfeWare

See more information on each of the judges.

What will award winners receive?

  • An award trophy and certificate
  • Addition to the Community Energy Awards Hall of Fame
  • Official awards stamp for their website
  • A case study will be produced about them and distributed to the media

Previous winners

Community Renewable Energy Project Award

2017 Winner: Gower Power  [see case study]
Commendation: Energy Local [see case study]

2016 winner: Awel Aman Tawe [see case study]
Commendation: Ynni Anafon Energy

2015 winner: Chase Community Solar

Community Energy & Carbon Saving Award

2017 winner: South East London Community Energy [see case study]
Commendation: Carbon Co-op [see case study]

2016 winner: Brighton & Hove Energy Services Cooperative [see case study]

2015 winner: Wey Valley Solar Schools Energy Co-operative

Local Authority Award

2017 winner: Oldham Council [see case study]
Commendation: Energise Barnsley - Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council [see case study]

2016 winner: Plymouth City Council [see case study]

2015 winner: Cornwall Council

Collaboration Award [Sponsored by Power to Change]

2017 winner: M&S Energy Society [see case study]

2016 winner:  Cyd Ynni [see case study]

2015 winner: Saddleworth Community Hydro

Community Energy Finance Award 

2017 winner: Leapfrog Finance [see case study]

2016 winner: The Naturesave Trust and Naturesave Policies Ltd [see case study]

2015 winner: Ethex

Community Energy Champion

2017 winner: Sonya Bedford [see case study]

2016 winner: Alistair Macpherson [see case study]

2015 winner: Jon Hallé and Adam Twine

Community Energy Photo Award

2017 winner: Westmill Turbine Hug