The Community Energy Awards celebrate the achievements and efforts that individuals have made to progress their projects and the wider sector. Here we showcase the champions and winners.

Community Energy Champions

Sonya Bedford

2017 Community Energy Champion
Sonya’s commitment, drive and passion for community energy is second to none. Genuinely believing that community energy can take the UK to energy independence. She will do whatever she can to make sure projects continue to come forward and progress, even if it means never having any spare time!Sonya works professionally in the sector but is involved in various projects outside of her work commitments. She has supported over 25 community energy groups and is responsible for establishing the UK’s first grid consortium. Although currently studying for an MSc in Renewable Energy and sitting on the board of five community energy groups, she still finds time to attend festivals, schools and local groups advising on renewable energy and sustainable living. And on top of this, she is trained to perform high altitude rescue of maintenance personnel from wind turbines!

Alistair Macpherson

2016 Community Energy Champion
Since 2013 Alistair has led the development of PEC from a council initiative, into a big thinking multifaceted venture delivering targeted support to the fuel poor, and community owned alternatives to fossil fuels. With a degree in Geography from Plymouth University, Alistair has a background in biodiversity and sustainable development projects for local authorities and third sector organisations in the UK and overseas. He currently also manages the Low Carbon City Team at Plymouth City Council. Alistair sees Plymouth leading the way in the community energy revolution and is proud to be part of it. The 2016 Champion Award was sponsored by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution.

Jon Halle

2015 (Joint) Community Energy Champion
Promoting and enabling community energy has been a primary focus of Jon's life for the last seven years. He’s helped raise nearly £8 million for community energy schemes. His innovation and practical behind the scenes support has meant many, many projects have stepped off the page and become reality. Jon is the co-founder of Sharenergy. In this role he has a wide remit from detailed support of individual projects to a nationwide strategic involvement with public, private and third sector bodies.

Adam Twine

2015 (Joint) Community Energy Champion
Adam Twine is the third generation to farm at Westmill. As well as farming 1,200 acres at Westmill and as a tenant at Colleymore farm (part of the neighbouring National Trust estate at Coleshill) he has set up a not-for-profit company supporting farmers tackling green house gas emissions from their farm called Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit and is active in environmental and social justice issues. He was a recipient of the Schumacher award in 2007. Adam’s approach is unique. He has enthused people from all backgrounds to create a genuinely innovative oasis of democracy, sustainability and energy independence by creating the first major community built wind-farm, first major community education programme with 10,000 visitors, and first major solar development and buy back.

Community Energy Award Winners

2017 Award Winners

  • Community Renewable Energy Project Award Winner: Gower Power  - Award Sponsored by The Renewable Energy Association [see case study]
  • Community Renewable Energy Project Award Winner: Energy Local - Award Sponsored by The Renewable Energy Association [see case study]
  • Community Energy Saving Award Winner: South East London Community Energy [see case study]
  • Community Energy Saving Award Highly Commended Project: Carbon Co-op [see case study]
  • Local Authority Award Winner: Oldham Council [see case study]
  • Local Authority Award Highly Commended Project: Barnsley Council [see case study]

  • Collaboration Award Winner: M&S Energy Society - Award Sponsored by Northern Powergrid [see case study]
  • Community Energy Finance Award Winner: Leapfrog Finance sponsored by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks [see case study]

  • Community Energy Photo Award Winner: Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative [see shortlist and winner]

2016 Award Winners - Supported by Co-operative Energy

  • Community Energy Saving Award Winner: Brighton & Hove Energy Services Cooperative (BHESCo) [see case study]

  • Community Energy Funding Award Winner: The Naturesave Trust and Naturesave Policies Ltd [see case study]

  • Collaboration Award: Cyd Ynni [see case study]
  • Local Authority Partner Award Winner: Plymouth City Council [see case study] - Award sponsored by Northern Powergrid

  • Community Energy Collaboration Award Winner: Cyd Ynni [see case study]

  • Community Renewable Energy Project Award Winner: Awel Aman Tawe [see case study- Award sponsored by Naturesave

2015 Award Winners - Sponsored by Northern Powergrid

  • Community Energy Saving Award Winner: Wey Valley Solar Schools Energy Co-operative

  • Community Energy Funding Award Winner: Ethex - Award sponsored by Pure Leapfrog

  • Local Authority Partner Award Winner: Cornwall Council

  • Community Energy Innovation Award Winner: Co-operatives UK’s Peer Mentoring Programme

  • Community Energy Collaboration Award Winner: Saddleworth Community Hydro

  • Community Heat Project Award Winner: Camelford Leisure Centre

  • Community Power Project Award Winner: Chase Community Solar - Award sponsored by Stephens Scown