This page will be used to give short summaries of current areas where we are actively campaigning.

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Community Energy Contracts for Difference

The government has recommitted to supporting onshore wind and solar but only projects greater than 5MW which leaves community energy out in the cold. We have taken the opportunity of the government consultation to propose a Community Energy CfD open to sub 5MW community-led projects as happens in Ireland. This ask was developed in consulation with Community Energy Scotland and Community Energy Wales and expert members as well as the Low Carbon Contracts Company. For full details see paras 1.12 ff in our consultation response here. As CfD reform is in hand we are using this as a spearhead to urge the government to support community energy. We have also written to Kwasi Kwarteng to ask for a meeting to discuss this.

We have asked the government to

    1. Institute a ‘Community CfD’ pot or ‘carve-out’ open to <5 MW onshore renewables energy generation as with the Irish Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) which has three ‘Preference Categories’ (equivalent to UK CfD ‘Pots’), one of which is for community-led projects only. This could be done with a set ‘minimum’ for community-led onshore projects within Pot 1, in which case the pot or the ‘minimum’ must be specifically open to <5MW projects. The precise details including the capacity cap (set in GWh rather than MW of installed capacity) and the administrative strike price should be worked out in participation with the community energy sector having a view to the current and likely pipeline across the UK and the real costs of installing community energy. Ownership qualifications must be designed to prevent commercial developers taking advantage. 

If you would like to support this campaign please contact us, but also contact your MP and ask them to write to the Kwasi Kwarteng asking for a meeting with sector representatives to discuss the Community Energy CfD. See the suggested email on our Making community energy a government priority page