Here is a record of the policy responses we have submitted and our position on subjects that are receiving the attention of legislators. 

CEE's response to Johnson's 10 point plan 

As in his Conference speech the Prime Minister forgot, in his Ten Point Plan, to invest in the ‘extraordinary powers of invention’ in the community to deliver local recovery and net-zero solutions. Instead, he chooses to invest in big-cheque, corporate solutions many of which look dangerously like 'unicorns', which may not scale in time or ever.

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CEE response to the Planning for the Future consultation 

The government is planning a wholesale shake-up of the planning system prioritising beauty, diluting democracy and introducing dubious zoning and design codes.

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CEE response to the Business Rates review part 2 

This supplements the earlier response and focusses on business rates charged on plant and machinery which have seen 6 fold rises in business rates on some rooftop solar installations.

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HMT Business Rate review response (section on reliefs and multipliers) 

CEE has recommended that community energy receive 100% business rate relief set by central government. And that the business rate system should promote the achievement of net-zero and energy efficient buildings.

The section on Plant and Machinery valuation, which caused huge rate hikes for rooftop solar, is due on 31 October. Our draft response is accessible via our Current consultations page. Government is looking for concrete evidence that the current regime is deterring investment in onsite renewables in order to change the policy. If you have that evidence please add it to our response.

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Comprehensive Spending Review representation 

The CSR has been postponed. When eventually published it will set government spending and investment for 2021-24.

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Ofgem RIIO-ED2 Methodology Consultation 

This is a response by Community Energy England from September 2020 to Ofgem's RIIO-ED2 methodology consultation.

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