Below is a list of policy documents and consultations that CEE is considering making responses to (listed in date order of responses required). Draft responses will be added to this page for member comments. If you would like to input into any of our responses, please email us.

Encouraging innovation in regulated utilities

This consultation aims to build the government’s understanding of whether there are opportunities to further encourage new innovative methods and technologies in the utility sectors to improve outcomes for consumers. It seeks views on whether there is a case for acting to further strengthen the regulatory approach to encouraging innovation and what the best ways to do this might be. The consultation can be found here.

Deadline for responses 15th January 2019. If any members are submitting a response, please contact us. 

Targeted Charging Review: Minded to decision and draft impact assessment

This is a consultation on changes to the way in which Ofgem recover the costs of the networks used to transport electricity to homes, public organisations and businesses.  They want to ensure that these costs are shared fairly amongst all those who may want to use the electricity networks. 

Deadline for responses: 4th February 2019. CEE will be submitting a response. If any members are submitting a response, please contact us.

Review of DNO Exclusion 

A Panel, created in November 2015 to overseee the new Competition in Connections Code of Practise that DNOs had put in place. A modification proposal was submitted to the Panel and the Panel agreed to look into the issue of DNO exlusion at paragraph 2.2.1. This working group comprises DNOs, ICPs, IDNOs, Ofgem and other interested parties. After considering the proposal the working group has agreed to open the matter for consultation to seek wider stakeholder views on the proposed modifications to the Code of Practice.  For more information see here, where you will find a link to a zip file with more detail. 

For information on what a Compeition in Connections Code of Practise is, see this ENA webpage. 

Deadline for responses: 5pm 22 February 2019. 

The future for small-scale low-carbon generation

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is seeking views on the introduction of a mandatory supplier-led route to market for small-scale low-carbon generation. The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) would see the introduction of government-overseen remuneration to low-carbon generators from suppliers.

Deadline for responses: 11.45pm, 5 March 2019. CEE will be submitting a response. If any members are submitting a response, please contact us.

Building a Zero Carbon Economy - Call for Evidence

On 15 October 2018 the governments of the UK, Scotland and Wales asked the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to provide advice on the UK and Devolved Administrations’ long-term targets for greenhouse gas emissions and the UK’s transition to a net zero-carbon economy. Specifically: when the UK should reach net zero emissions of carbon dioxide and/or greenhouse gases as a contribution to global ambition under the Paris Agreement; if that target should be set now; the implications for emissions in 2050; how such reductions can be achieved; and the costs and benefits involved in comparison to existing targets. This Call for Evidence will contribute to that advice. For more information see here.

Deadline for responses: 31st March 2019.