Policy documents and consultations that CEE is considering making a response to are included below (listed in date order of responses required). Draft responses will be added to this page for member comments along with our final submissions. If you would like to input to any of our responses, please email us.

You can view and download our previous consultation responses here.

BEIS Select Committee call for evidence on the Findings of the Report of Climate Assembly UK

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee has launched a call for evidence for its inquiry to follow up on the proposals of Climate Assembly UK.

The call for evidence focusses on whether Climate Assembly UK has been helpful to the work of stakeholders, its impact in different sectors and its impact on Government and Parliament.  A public evidence hearing with stakeholders and a Government Minister will follow.  

The call for evidence features four questions:

  1. Has Climate Assembly UK (both its process and recommendations) been helpful to your work (or the work of your organisation), and if so, how?
  2. What impact has Climate Assembly UK had across your sector, and more widely?
  3. How do you perceive Climate Assembly UK to have affected the work of Government since the Assembly’s report was published (10 September 2020)? To what extent do the Government’s actions since then reflect Climate Assembly UK’s recommendations?
  4. What would a good response to Climate Assembly UK from the Government look like? What would a good response from Parliament look like

Deadline for submissions is 10 May 2020

CEE is considering making a response.

Regional Consultations

Please look out for your DNO's consultation on their 'business plan' and feed in. These will form the basis of their investment in the distribution system from 2023-2028. If we want them to be investing to enable community energy (by, for instance, reinforcing the tail end of the system to enable more distributed generation) we must ask for it. It will also 

CEE has input into Electricity North West's consultation now closed. You can see ENW's strategy documents here

SSEN Strategy Proposal: A consultation to deliver a fair transition to decarbonised heat: open consultation
The UK and Scottish Governments have set ambitious targets to rapidly increase heat pump and zero-emission heating system installations in the coming decade. SSEN is committed to ensuring this transition is managed in a fair manner for the households, businesses and communities it serves.

As a Distribution Network Operator (DNO), SSEN’s responsibility is to ensure a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity. In the transition to net zero this means investing in our network and investigating smart solutions to accommodate the extensive electrification required to meet the UK’s decarbonisation targets.

SSEN has launched a consultation on its Heat Strategy Proposal to empower stakeholders to shape its approach to heat decarbonisation. 

Deadline: 30 April