Policy documents and consultations that may be of interest to community energy groups or that CEE is considering making a response to are included below (listed in date order of responses required). Draft responses will be added to this page for member comments along with our final submissions. If you would like to input into any of our responses, please email us.

You can view and download our previous consultation responses here.

Latest Consultation Opportunities

We are always working to keep this website up to date with relevant consultations. If you come across any consultations that you feel would be relevant to other people in the sector please send them to d.law@communityenergyengland.org

Spring Budget 2023 representation to the Treasury

Deadline - 5pm on 1 February 2023

HM Treasury welcomes representations to be considered as part of decisions which will be taken as part of the Spring Budget. Stakeholders, such as interest groups, individuals and representative bodies, can submit a written representation to HM Treasury commenting on government policy and/or suggesting new policy to be considered as part of the upcoming Budget.

Community Energy England will be making a representation to the Treasury for Social Investment Tax Relief to be extended and for eligibility to be extended to community energy, among other items. Please consider doing the same - more information available here.

Our early draft response is available here. We welcome members' input into our response by adding comments to our draft or emailing d.law@communityenergyengland.org to obtain editing rights, as appropriate.

Considerations for future Contracts for Difference (CfD) rounds consultation

Deadline - 23:45 on Tuesday 7th February 2023

The government is seeking views on potential amendments to future rounds of the Contracts for Difference scheme, which supports renewable electricity generators.

CEE will be making a short submission - to say a simplified Community CfD auction should provide an enhanced strike price to community owned projects in recognition of the extra social benefit they deliver.

The Government is Failing to Unlock the Potential of Onshore Wind, Sign our Response Here

Deadline -  23:45 on Thursday 2nd March 2023

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities is seeking views on how they might develop new and revise current national planning policy to support our wider objectives. While their revisions to the National Planning Policy Frameword is thought to relax planning rules around onshore wind, CEE finds the revisions to fall short of what's needed in order to fully “unlock the potential of onshore wind by bringing consenting in line with other infrastructure”, as the previous government had promised. 

CEE have drafted a response here. You can leave your comments in the document or email d.law@communityenergyengland.org.

We are asking our member organisations to join us in signing this response. You can add your name, role and organisation in a comment at the bottom of the google doc, under the heading "Signed By". 

Full details on the scope of consultation are found here. It should be read in conjunction with the proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Frameword which are hereQuestions on the proposals to relax planning rules around onshore wind are in Chapter 8

(There should be another consultation from BEIS very soon on how communities and local authorities can demonstrate their support for onshore wind - watch this space).

Capacity Market 2023: strengthening security of supply and alignment with net zero consultation

Deadline - 11:45pm on 3 March 2023

This consultation builds upon the Call for Evidence (CfE) published in July 2021 which sought views on proposals to better align the Capacity Market (CM) with the government’s net zero targets and improve delivery assurance across the scheme.

The proposed reforms set out in this consultation represent the next step in the evolution of the CM and have been considered in light of the Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) programme.

The main policy proposals fall into three categories:

  • strengthening security of supply
  • aligning the CM with net zero
  • other improvements to the CM

Please email d.law@communityenergyengland.org for further information.