Electricity North West is the electricity distribution network operator (DNO) for the North West of England. They own and operate a regional network to transport electricity from generators to customers.

Through this network they deliver electricity to 2.4 million homes and businesses across Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria. They are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the network and ensuring it is able to accommodate future changes.  

Electricity North West has a number of roles in the development of community and local energy projects including new connections, accommodating new generation and innovating for the changes that are taking place.  

They believe community and local energy has an important role to play in the transition to active, low carbon and decentralised energy networks and would like to work together to make sure the sector can take advantage of the opportunities this transition presents to transform all communities.  

Their Community and Local Energy Strategy sets out how they want to work with the sector and can be downloaded from their website (from June 2018).

To keep up to date with their activities relevant to community and local energy, you can sign up to their newsletter here.

Throughout the year they will be running a series of Community Connects workshops on topics relevant to community and local energy groups.  Details of the events are on their website.