On Monday 26th March 2018, we came together with Co-op Energy and Pure Leapfrog at the London office of Simmons & Simmons to host the Community Energy Afternoon of Big Ideas. We heard a wide range of ideas and saw a lot of lively debate during the afternoon session, with a knowledgeable line of speaker and panellists keen to share advice and experience.

We explored the amazing progress of district-heat coops in Denmark (which are now progressing at a street-by-street level), the continued growth of Co-op Energy and the relaunch of their new Community Energy Strategy, which you can find here

You can find the presentation slides (including information about Energy Saving Trust’s Energy Redress) and write up from the day below, and photos from the day here.

Speakers were:

Rie Christiansen Krabsen and Erik Christiansen - EBO Consult A/S, Denmark
Discussing district heating cooperatives – examples from Denmark, and marketing and engagement – examples of how to convert homeowners from natural gas or oil into district heating

Mark Billsborough - Co-op Energy
Opening and closing the event with insights gained from the day

David Bird - Co-op Energy
Launching Co-op Energy's Community Energy Strategy

Emma Bridge - Community Energy England
Asking big questions about the future of community energy

Steven McNab - Simmons & Simmons
Chairing the community energy finance panel - tips and traps from the finance field and where to next?

The expert panel was:

  • Chris Matthews - Leapfrog Finance
  • Louisa Cilenti - Lux Nova
  • Jamie Davidson - Johnston Carmichael
  • Jake Burnyeat - Communities for Renewables.