Involving volunteers & online meetings

If you are setting up a community energy organisation you are likely to be a volunteer yourself and work with other volunteers. As your organisation grows you will need to bring in more volunteers and may need support to manage their involvement in your activities. Resources to help with this are below.

Most of us are aware that meetings are now likely to or must be held online. We have also collected below resources to help you facilitate good online meetings and help with making decisions in this context.

Resources to help involve and manage volunteers:

  • NCVO - extensive resources about volunteering and coronavirus.
  • Community energy organisations wanting to engage with community support can find their local Covid-19 mutual aid groups here.
  • Alongside use of social media there are apps (e.g. NextDoor) that you can use to engage with your local community and recruit volunteers.

Resources to help with online meetings and facilitation:

  • Seeds for Change - a range of respected resources for meeting facilitation, consensus decision-making and co-operative working.
  • - resources for online facilitation.
  • Jeanne Rewa & Daniel Hunter - guide to leading groups, meetings and training online.
  • Guide for moving your meetings online.
  • Campaign Bootcamp - tips for running engaging virtual trainings
  • Gastivists - guide to facilitating meetings and training sessions online.