Obtaining funding

  • It is important for community groups to be able to understand and carry out assessments of the indicative financial performance of a community renewable energy project. Financial models are often complicated and can be difficult to set up for inexperienced groups. 
  • This spreadsheet gives an example of a financial model for a community renewable energy project. The aim is to give community groups a worked example of an indicative early-stage financial model to help understand the potential profitability of community renewable investments.
  • Thrive Renewables Community Bridge Financial Model - Thrive Renewables will finance community energy organisations to help them acquire renewable energy technology. They can structure their investment as pure acquisition, joint ventures or mezzanine loans also. Find out more about the Community Bridge Model here and the presentation slides below.
  • Co-operatives UK offers management, governance and guidance associated with setting up a renewable energy project.
  • For inspiration from abroad, see this series of case studies from DenmarkGermany and the UK on cost and financing aspects of community renewable energy projects.

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