Regions & Local Net Zero Team

There are several regional organisations that help support and enable local community energy groups. These organisations include regional community energy practitioner hubs/networks and Local Net Zero Team that sit under the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Regional Hubs

Local Net Zero Team

The BEIS Local Net Zero Team was established to support Local Authorities (LAs), Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and Communities in England to play a leading role in delivering low-carbon economic growth. Our Local Net Zero Programme has been designed to support the capacity and capability of LAs and other local organisations. Many LEPs and LAs have already committed to their own ambitious energy and carbon targets, however progress in delivering local energy investment varies significantly across the country. The Local Net Zero Team have helped to fund a range of tools to help local authorities and communities navigate getting to Net Zero including:

Impact - A community-level carbon emission estimator that gives parishes and small communities usable data on their carbon emissions that is easy to interpret and easy to share.

SCATTER Tool - A tool which allows LAs and city regions to standardise their greenhouse gas reporting and align to international frameworks.

OnGen/OnEfficiency – a tool to explore the feasibility of generating and storing energy via a range of onsite renewable energy generation sources, like solar PV and heat pumps. 

GHG Support Toolkit - A Local Authority Housing Retrofit Handbook which provides practical advice to local authorities in England on domestic retrofit. It brings existing resources together in one place and gives a suggested order in which to work through this material.

My Society Data Tool- A central open data web resource for LA climate emergency action plans which will enable greater collaboration and sharing between councils and other stakeholders.

The term ‘Local Net Zero’ refers to all projects that are led by local organisations (public, private, third sector) with the aim of reaching Net Zero in the local area.  All aspects of collective action to reduce, purchase, manage and generate energy are included within ‘Local Net Zero’ as well as circular economy projects. Local action is important to deliver the emissions reductions committed to under the Climate Change Act. Residents, communities, businesses and the public sector will make many of the changes needed to transform to a Net Zero society. LAs and LEPs with the support of the Net Zero Hubs can play a vital role in coordinating, facilitating and delivering a Net Zero UK.

Each Hub has a small team of energy project managers led by a regional coordinator, with access to technical, legal and financial expertise, in some cases via call-off contracts with consultants. These teams will provide practical support and expertise to LEPs and Local Authorities to help them undertake the initial stages of development for priority energy projects, up to the point where they are able to secure finance. The Hubs are also using their local knowledge to help deliver wider BEIS schemes, such as the Green Homes Grant LAD2 and the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme Skills Fund. 

As of 2022, the Hubs will have received over £15 million core funding from BEIS for project development and currently have 221 projects in their pipeline. 

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