Regional Networks and Support

  • Within your region, there are also a number of key bodies alongside your distribution network operator (DNO), who may be able to offer support. As well as this page, our next section contains more on working with your local authority and national networks available.

Key regional bodies and links have been noted below, including: 

  • Net Zero Hubs 
  • Regional energy networks 
  • CEE reports and data 

Net Zero Hubs 

The Net Zero Hubs are 5 regional bodies that delivered the originally set up to lead the Rural Community Energy Fund programme (now closed). This programme was a £10 million scheme which led to the development of 200+ community energy projects being initiated over 2019-2022. While this programme closed in 2022, the Hubs have a continuing role to support community energy organisations, local authorities and groups in their areas. 

Each Net Zero Hub will have a tailored package of support available, but may be able to help groups with:

  • starting new ideas and projects 
  • technical, legal and financial expertise
  • contracts with consultants
  • practical guidance and expertise (particularly focused on LEPs & local authorities) 
  • technologies for local authority carbon mapping - see more of Impact and Scatter 
  • knowledge of wider BEIS and local authority funding - please see CEE’s funding database first. 

 To contact your relevant Hub visit their website: 

For more information on community energy groups, projects and case studies from the Rural Community Energy Fund programme, visit our dedicated RCEF page here.

Regional Energy Networks 

In addition to the Hubs, key networks of support include your regional energy network. These are larger community energy organisations and coalitions that have set up to facilitate coordination and support across their areas. Each network is different in size, composition and specific objectives, but you can find out more information through the following links here:

CEE Regional Reports and Research 

CEE also collates various reports and mapping to ensure there is information on the strength of community energy across different areas of the country. Some of our most recent reports are below. More are available through our Data and Research section.

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