Designing & planning a community energy project

Deciding what type of renewable energy project to pursue can be very dependent on where you live and what opportunities are available in your local area. Often securing permission to use the site you have chosen for your project is the biggest hurdle in a community getting a renewable energy initiative off the ground.

If your group is developing a project, creating a project development plan can help you to understand and manage the process. This can be populated with all tasks to be completed during project development, timescales and the person responsible for each task, to help you plan and keep track of your activity.

  • Next Generation project has produced several webinars about different models of community energy.
  • Electricity North West has produced a webinar and slides on licenses vs leases.
  • PowerPaired is a matchmaking service for community energy groups and the owners of sites with renewable energy potential.
  • The CSE's website has information on planning your renewable energy project.
  • Coalfields Regenearation Trust Wales created the first-ever legal roadmap to support the creation of community-owned renewable energy projects.

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