Wellbeing, diversity & working from home

Running or being involved with a community energy organisiation or project can be stressful and, as the organisation grows, looking after the wellbeing of the leaders and the rest of the team will be important to preserve mental health and make sure pursuing the passion and vision of everyone involved will be sustainable over the long term.

Wellbeing & teamwork

  • Alister Scott, Chair of Cuckmere Community Solar (a CEE member) and co-founder of the One Leadership Project, and his team have developed a 10 minute, 5 step approach for building resilience for teams during the current crisis (download below).
  • Action Planning - blog on establishing an environment in which colleagues feel secure enough to open up.
  • Andy Brown, Head of Sustainability for Anglian Water Group, has written a blog about managing wellbeing, anxiety and mental health.
  • Mental Health Foundation - advice on looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Oxfordshire Mind - advice on taking care of your mental health and wellbeing, especially coping with anxiety and dealing with self-isolation and home-working.
  • Hannah Massarella, founder of the charity Bird - blog about what we can do to fight fear.

Equity, diversity & inclusion

  • NCVO - guidance including an introduction and legal duties.
  • NCVO - blog on how to ensure an inclusive response to the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Ubele Initiative - report examining the impact of Covid-19 on the BAME community and voluntary sector. Worryingly, findings suggest 9 out of 10 BAME micro and small organisations is set to close if the crisis continues beyond 3 months following the lockdown
  • Fearless Futures - newsletter on inequalities, including inequalities specific to Covid-19. They also have an infographic outlining how systemic racism has caused Covid-19 to hit BAME communities harder (download below).

Working from home

  • Social Enterprise UK - webinar on mental health and working from home.
  • MHRFA - guide to bringing your whole self to work, wherever that may be.
  • An experienced home worker has written about realistic expectations when working at home with children.
  • OWL Labs - working from home readiness checklist.
  • Cotswold Co. - guide to creating a healthy and productive workspace at home.
  • Public Health Scotland have made a toolkit to help organisations plan their return to the workplace and communicate with staff (remember Scottish law/guidance may be different to English or Welsh).

Documents & Downloads